Family visits McCarthy

Austin's youngest sister, Dora, graduated from high school last week and immediately afterward headed to the airport--destination... McCarthy, Alaska! Austin had not yet arrived by the time his family did, so their first day here Tim, Leanne, and Dora helped me prep our cabin for the summer. The next day, we toured historic Kennecott and I realized how much history I'd forgotten over the winter months! We heard that Austin was going to land in 45 minutes, so we briskly walked downhill 5 miles to meet him. It took him almost a week to fly from Boulder, Colorado to McCarthy, Alaska as he was delayed by weather, mechanical set backs, and slow border patrollers. It had been two-and-a-half weeks since we'd seen each other since I worked a week in Ketchikan prior to going to McCarthy. I saw him on the ground and ran full speed into his arms!

The next day was my 27th birthday and boy was it a good one! We all hiked on the glacier (on which I flew a kite) and then my sweet mom-in-love baked us all pepperoni pizza (my very favorite dish)!

image image image image

They left on Wednesday after a fabulous visit and here's a quick view of their send off...