Artwork Filing Chest

I have created a variety of wood pieces over the years: nightstand of old barn wood (with my mom-in-law), a giant bookshelf (with my Daddy), a bed for Linde Girl (with Austin and my mom-in-law), sided the outhouse (solo!), tool bench (with my mom-in-law), art framing with hanging pegs of railroad spikes (with my dad-in-law), and window installation (with my mom-in-law) but THIS project (with my mom-in-law) makes me most proud.

Filing Chest Front

My siblings-in-law had leftover white oak flooring that they were using to burn in their fireplace, so they let me trade them for real firewood. I used these materials for the top and sides of the chest and their leftover oak plywood for the drawer fronts and sides, runners under each drawer, and vertical supports for the sides of the chest. I purchased the hardware, plywood drawer bottoms, backing, and trim pieces. I spent around $350 instead of $7,500. She stands three feet tall, is just shy of four feet wide, and is 2 feet deep. Each of the fourteen drawers has a depth of almost two inches.

This project would have not been possible without my sibs-in-laws, my mom-in-law's years of carpentry experience, my dad-in-law's shop and patience with my three-week mess there, a table saw, brad nailer, and many bottles of wood glue. It was not easy and I would not do it again unless someone offered me an obscene amount of money. BUT, I am so pleased with the final product and have at least one paper item in almost every drawer. Come by and see it for yourself and, in the meantime, click the photo below for a few more shots!