December Projects and Beyond

We have been back to our Colorado hometown for what seems like only a very short time though it somehow feels like ages since we were in Alaska. Upon our return to Greeley, we promptly left for Breckenridge, Estes Park, Daytona Beach, The Big Island of Hawaii, Estes Park again, and Breckenridge once more. (Sigh!) It feels really great to be home now. As I settle into a rhythm I hope to make art-making a part of my daily life. So far, I've been pretty active in this realm. Here's a peek into my most recent projects.

The New Golden

McCarthy Places

I created a series of my favorite (there are not many from which to choose) buildings in McCarthy, Alaska for Kennecott Trading Company last winter. I drew each building in pen on watercolor paper not because I intended to learn to watercolor but because that is the paper that was in my purse when I decided to begin the project. Each building was then Photoshop'ed together onto one document that I transformed into a postcard that was sold in the gift shop. It was something I was proud of and that tourists and locals seemed to like. It occurred to me this fall that, though the black-and-white is appealing in its simplicity, the bright hues of McCarthy buildings are what make them so winsome. A dear friend gave me a set of travel watercolors and I proceeded to learn to use them on each of the pen and ink drawings. I am pleased with the result and I gifted the originals to a friend as a "thank you" present. You can scroll through the pictures of the other buildings in the series if you click here. Prints, notecards, and postcards are available in my shop. 

Kelly's House

Kelly's House

Greeley, CO has an inordinate number of the world's most quality humans. One pal planned for many friends to bombard another with beautiful gifts for a significant birthday. Kelly's home is one of my favorites I enjoy on neighborhood walks. So I illustrated this and left it on her front porch while she was away.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The ladies in my families (mom and in-laws) participated in a fundraising competition for our local Habitat ReStore in which we formed a team, selected a grouping of very dated and worn furniture pieces and reworked them. After one month, the store hosted an event in which all teams appeared and our refurbished furnitures were auctioned. I painted, re-cushioned, reupholstered, and re-tufted, this chair. Not only does it look worlds better, it's comfy again too. I spent about $40 on the makeover, it sold for $200, and it now resides in the buyer's bedroom. Here she was when I first got my hands on her... 



Austin's 24-Hour Clock

Austin's Zulu Clock

For Christmas this year, I created this 24-hour clock for my Austin. He loves off-beat clocks... really any type of funky instrument that measures units. This is special because, of course, the hour hand only rotates once each day; the am hours are on the right and pm on the left hemisphere. I used a Chopsaw, drill press, Dremel tool, and beautiful left-over oak flooring from my in-laws.

The world's sweetest nephew

The World's Sweetest Nephew

There is one sweetest nephew on the planet and he belongs to us. He is six months old and a dream baby. I drew this for his momma for Christmas with graphite pencils and it was a fun little project. This "knuckle head" (as his Gramps lovingly calls him) is the first male child born to the Robels since 1982! He is one very loved little boy.

Sample Architect Chest.jpg

And my next project...

I did just find this photo on Google images, but I plan to tackle something like this next. I have been on the lookout for one of these shallow-drawered beauties for years. What could be better than storing pages small to mammoth, not vertically or in tubes, but... flat? Unfortunately, there exist many people that also appreciate architect filing chests and not enough of them to go around. Or so it seems since the only pieces I have found are $,$$$. Stay tuned to see how this project goes!