My Shower

I look outside and the thermometer reads 34.7. I really, really need to take a shower since I did housework all day yesterday and I am going to see a lot of people in just a couple hours. The sun just rose but it will be a little while before the temperature climbs even one tick. I take off my pajamas, slip on my flip-flops, grab a towel, and take a deep breath before I open that front door. I run for the shower, turn on the water, and greet the rising steam from the outdoor stall like a best friend I haven't seen in years. Embraced by the thousands of hot water droplets touching my skin, I welcome the cold cold air all around me. Melting frost falls from our roof to a metal awning creating a satisfying "drop drop" that likens to the popping of a Snapple cap. The shampoo bottle requires a bit more muscle as the liquid inside has settled itself into a more viscous condition; even the shampoo can tell winter is coming and wants to hibernate. Through the rising steam, I see the backlit, golden aspen leaves fluttering in the gentle breeze forty feet above my head. Though I began the shower process with some trepidation, I determine that this was the single best bathing experience I have ever had! Boy, will I miss this when I'm back home in Colorado!