People Watching

A one hour time change can be significant--especially when you're coming off a couple busy weeks. So, when a travel snafu (stuck in Seattle til the morning) results in a free Double Tree hotel stay (with a warm cookie) and ticket for a nice airport meal, you don't complain. Image

This has given me a chance to people-watch and I find myself in wonder at people's wardrobe choices. I'm shocked at the comical number of women who think the rest of us are okay with them--not only leaving their homes, but--traveling the world in spandex tights paired with shirts that don't cover their tootsies. But not all sights made my eyes sore... Here are the highlights: a little boy donning a plastic yellow construction hat, tiny kids dragging along suitcases only large enough for a rattle and iPad loaded with Candy Crush, men with bouquets of springtime flowers, and a traveler with only a ukulele as his carryon item. At one point, a teeny tiny husky-looking dog sat with her owner nearby and in less than 3 minutes, 10 passersby commented on the dog while others talked to (or took pictures) of the dog without addressing the owner. It made me think about parents of cute little kids--I'll bet they get ignored a lot too: "oh, what a sweet baby!" Next time I see an adorable little one, I'm focussing on the parent--or dog owner.

I'm now back in my room and should get some shut eye. I fly out of Seattle before 7 and get in to Ketchikan a half hour before I'm supposed to treat the first kiddo. We'll see if I make it!