First stop, Ketchikan!

Just like tourists on an Alaskan cruise, my first stop this winter is Alaska's southeastern-most town, Ketchikan. Known for salmon canneries and tourism, this coastal village boasts over 8,000 residents. And I'm heading there now! Austin's friend wanted experience landing at Denver International Airport in his 180, so he and Austin flew me to the airport this afternoon--I felt like a VIP arriving in such style! :) My flight to Seattle went smoothly and I'm writing from Seattle, Washington where I'm waiting to board my last flight to Ketchikan. Once I arrive to their tiny airport, I'll locate the rental car and drive it onto...the ferry! The airport is on an island; too bad I'll fly in after dark! I'll locate the vacation rental* where I'll be staying, go straight to bed and arrive at school at 7am sharp!

When I accepted the job, I was told that I would mostly be sent to rural school districts that don't have hotels. However, this assignment is different because this district has an SLP who is currently on medical leave. Another SLP and I will be splitting this month and next in coverage of her caseload at two schools. Thus, my living situation is different--my coordinator set us up with a vacation rental for the entire two months (same price as a hotel stay would be in the winter)! The house is situated atop a 165 ft bluff overlooking the ocean. It has a deck that faces the bay and is only minutes from the historic downtown!

Ketchikan has a movie theater, hiking trails, a cute downtown with coffee shops, and is usually rainy with temperatures ranging from 35-45 degrees in January. Ahhhh!