Just for you Bryce...

  So the just posted photo was for the pure, unadulterated enjoyment and satisfaction of one, Bryce Maifeld; and is my, at long last, unconditional admittance of conformity to his assessment of my behavior being most like, in the animal kingdom... a beaver.  According to Wikipedia, this endearing animal is described as follows: "The beaver (genus Castor) is a primarily nocturnal, large, semi-aquatic rodent."  Bryce's definition is, I would say, more eloquent and perhaps more accurate as well; it goes something like this: "annoying little buggers that find a beautiful mountain stream overflowing with prime rainbow trout just begging to be caught by a worthy man of the woods, who then proceed to ruin the entire area, building their dams and turning it into a deplorable swamp fitting for no one but themselves."  Bryce uses this definition when attempting to equate yours truly to a mere animal (rodent no less!!)


You see, Mr. Maifeld is in possession of the opinion that wherever I go, I perpetually change my environment to suit myself, invariably ruining it for everyone else.  While I have tried for years to outrun his persistent claims of truth, I've grown weary at last and now succumb to his assessment.  But back to the beavers... these little dudes are everywhere up here, making wonderful habitats for all kinds of various and sundry creatures, such as worms, carp, moose (aka: swamp donkeys), and uhhhhh.. well surely there are other things that like swamps. right?  I mean really, doesn't everybody like what has been made here? Look at this wonderful construction project!  Look at how much better it is now!  Look at how precisely I've cut the logs with my own teeth!  Look at the sturdiness of this dam!  Why, oh why, would anyone in their right mind not love this place now?  It is after all, so. much. better.


Goodnight ya hoser.