Mail Day

There's not much that's more exciting than waking up and thinking, "it's mail day!"  Mail accumulates in Glennallen, a small town 127 miles from here*, and is packed onto a plane (or two planes, if there's lots of mail) and flown into McCarthy on Mondays and Thursdays.  We have the two-day free shipping deal with Amazon and, fortunately, the free delivery still applies here!  The plane is full of Amazon boxes and letters which get loaded into the mail shack where volunteers sort the goods according to names/businesses.  People in and around McCarthy gather at the airstrip for what is the biweekly social hour.  I work at the museum during mail delivery times, so I've not yet had that experience.  However, I anticipate my watch reading 11:59am, at which time I re-lock the doors and begin my lunch hour.  I make a stop at Wrangell Mountain Air (who picks up our packages for us) and I check to see if any of the packages on the bench have mine or Austin's name on them.  It's always exciting to get packages, but the anticipation increases when you only get them twice weekly; however, so does disappointment when you expect something that didn't make it that day.  The best is when you aren't expecting mail and... surprise!  Your sweet momma sent you a care package:  tank tops, gum, chocolate, coffee, a purse, birthday cards, bug repellant!  Ahhhh, mail day. *If you look up the 127 mile route between Glennallen and McCarthy on Google Maps it gives a driving time estimate of 5 hours, 20 minutes!  The road can take a while depending on road conditions.  It took us two hours to drive the last 60 miles (the dirt road portion) when I came at the beginning of the summer; the state has put a million or so dollars into its maintenance over the past couple years.  I spoke with a visitor a few weeks ago who said that he first drove the road to McCarthy in the early '80s and the last 60 miles took him two-and-a-half days!  Hence, the mail plane!