Check out this pertyGirl

20130706-214307.jpg So yesterday I had my first full day was a GOOD one. Shan and I celebrated by going out to the glacier and gallivanting around in the frEEZing!! [not enough emphasis added] cold. Harrumph! But it was worth every digit I almost lost and we had a great time.

This place is phenomenal. Good people. Good food. Good work. Good mountains. Good.

We like it quite a bit and we're thankful to our Maker for giving us this time.


This is a Mulan... Aka toilet bowl in the ice. Fall in one, and a thousand years from now our grand kids find ya... Maybe. This particular photo is showing water about forty feet down.

From Ted Lambert:The Man Behind the Paintings: "Glaciers are impressive phenomena. The action of these great ice fields is an intriguing story written in rocks and the contours of mountain ranges and hills... Glaciers, like the sea, and like the mountains that cradle them, are never seen twice exactly the same. Their appearances change with the changing light and varying atmospheric conditions and turning seasons."