Ode to the Tea Kettle

The tea kettle is probably my most used and valued tool in the cabin.  When I want to wash dishes in Greeley, I simply turn on the hot water.  When I need to water my flowers, I grab the watering can.  When I'm making tea, I plug in my quick water boiler.  However, in McCarthy, my tea kettle serves as my watering can, pitcher, water-heater for tea/coffee/oatmeal/washing dishes, etc. I've always wanted to be able to draw, but having never taken a lesson, and finding little time to sit and sketch, I've never developed this skill.  However, I have quite a bit of down-time here and I've been practicing drawing. "So, what will I draw today?", I ask.  Usually the answer is "a photo I find so intriguing in the museum," or "what I see from right here in the museum."  On June 12, the answer was "my tea kettle".  I've titled this, one of my first drawing attempts, "Ode to the Tea Kettle", as a visual expression of my appreciation to such a handy little tool.