What We Know

English: Full featured double rainbow in Wrang... The temperature will range from 35 to 80 degrees. (Whoa!  How do we pack for that?)  It will rain (hard) about a third of our days in McCarthy.  Mosquitoes aren't too bad; the grizzly bears that come into town are easy to scare; run and hide from moose who like to charge!  We'll have lots of sun each day and only a few hours of "dusk".  The Northern Lights should be visible while we're there in September.

People come from all over the world to visit McCarthy.  Some come to see the historic, retired copper mine.  Others come to raft the glacial runoff, hike on glaciers, or get a small taste of rural Alaska life.  Wrangell Mountain Air, the company for which Austin will work, provides transportation to and from McCarthy.  Backpacking enthusiasts charter a plane to drop them in a remote location in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  After several days of hiking and camping, the pilot meets them at their predetermined location and returns them to civilization.

There are approximately 25 residents living in and near McCarthy (25 mile radius) year-round.  In the summers McCarthy and Kennecott, the town just up the hill, are the temporary homes for up to 300ish tourist and seasonal workers.  In the summers, spontaneous softball games, lectures from international experts in various fields (politics, psychology, etc.), and social dances are the norms at "night".

What an adventure!

English: Glacier Icefall near Kennecott, Alask...