Robels 2017


Shannon lives with a Northwestern trajectory: she got her start in Florida, grew up in Texas, landed in Colorado, and summers in Alaska. Shannon met her husband while at the University of Northern Colorado earning her Masters degree in speech-language pathology. After working in both the medical-field and education-side of this profession, she and her husband began working in the tourist industry in McCarthy and Kennecott, Alaska; Austin flies airplanes around America's largest national park and Shannon volunteered at the local history museum and later managed a sweet souvenir and coffee shop. The family lives up North during the four summer months and in Greeley, Colorado for autumn, winter, and spring.

During her first summer in McCarthy, Alaska she found herself with hours of solitude and, though she had done little drawing previously, filled the time with experimenting with pen and paper. Since this time, Shannon explores new mediums: pencil drawings, paintings, linocut, photography, etc. Come alongside and enjoy!